Wednesday, February 27, 2013


MOA Main Atrium 6pm♥

Bench x Georgina Wilson
Bench and model Georgina Wilson let you in on their collaboration this February 23 with the launch of two new scents: XOXO George Deo Cologne and Oh my George! Eau de Toilette. With a fruity-floral scent that is a medley of berries, mandarin, rose, sandalwood and creamy musk, Oh my George! revives the mind and the senses. The XOXO George Deo Cologne also has a fruity-floral concoction made with mix of delicate accords: freesia, rose, apricot, berries, and creamy vanilla.
When it comes to scents, Georgina says that there are a lot that interest her but with this collaboration with Bench, she wanted something sweet and sophisticated. “I feel that it’s a good place to start when buying your first scent,” she shares. Creating these two scents with Bench is a dream coming true for the model. “I can’t believe I finally have a perfume line!” she exclaims.
The launch of the new celebrity scent will be held at Mall of Asia Atrium where Georgina Wilson will take the spotlight like never before. Bench is presenting her as the body of sexiness, the face of prettiness, and the scent of gorgeousness. With a boudoir-styled set, models in corsets, men swooning over her scent and burlesque-styled production numbers, it’s going to be a scent-sational provocateur show.
The scent is seductive, elegant, and sensual—just like its creator. Suitable for a special rendezvous, its fruity-floral aroma, as Georgina says, should make someone feel gorgeous. Every spritz of Oh my George! and XOXO is like putting on a sexy designer dress—slipping into something perfectly crafted and totally intoxicating.
Georgina Wilson is every man’s fantasy coming to life. Her look can capture anyone, her allure wanted by many, and her scent is desired by all. Inspired by her intoxicating and provocative sensuality, delight and set scent-ses free with XOXO and Oh my George! It smells as good as she looks. And knowing how gorgeous she is, that already is your guarantee. Release your sexiness with a spray of Georgina!


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