Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss Bikini Philippines 2012 Coronation Night

April 27, at the PICC Plenary Hall
Hangover from many pageants that I want to happen again and again! Let me just say that it was SUPER so fun to be around them again. The Bikini Philippines finals turned out so HOT!!! :)
Abbygale Monderin from Slimmers World Pasig is this year's Miss Bikini Philippines
Abby's different angle.
With Abbygale Monderin and Vangie Martelle of Slimmers World Binondo the 2nd-runner up award.
Lian Ricafort of  Slimmers World Greenhills getting the 1st runner-up award
Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011, Angelee Claudett delos Reyes. Last farewell walk.

Are you ready to ROCK? Are you ready to RUMBLE? Hehehe Check out my photos...
This shots really rocks!!!
Lastly me and Athena one of my favourite looks, raw and edgy exotic beauty. I gave her my gift CD.
Happy viewing!


  1. All women in the pics have NO-ASSES !

    1. and you're just an ASShole that don't have brains, and taste.


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