Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner with binibinis

Gateway Suites

Dinner party with the ladies after the parade Sunday, March 25, 2012.
There is nothing quite like the excitement of having a dinner party with Binibinisss!!!

Mary Jean Lastimosa (09) and Marie Irisha Arcenas (28)
Marie Virgenia Cecillie Peter (11)
Marie Virgenia Cecillie Peter (11)
Annalie Forbes (29)
Goldy Baroa (23)
Patricia Lae Ejercitado (07)
Chloe Zanardi (25)
Romelin Roxanne De Castro (02)
Maria Alicia Elena Ariosa (06)
Nicole Schmitz (08)
Anna Czarina Buenviaje (17)
Mary Jean Lastimosa (09)
Roxane Joy Jesalva (19)
Karen Gallman (01)
Roxanne Tadique (20)
Fer Mary Baliquig (24) and Ayelee Marie Dasalla (12)
Elaine Kaye Moll (15)
Thanks to Sir Aski for the photos!!! It was really nice!
Marie Virgenia Cecillie Peter (11)
Roxanne Tadique (20)
Patricia Lae Ejercitado (07)
Again, thank you so much Sir Edmund Chua of FAB MANILA for the shots!!!

Nothing to say...

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