Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wowowie Diaries

Since it's valentine's day today, I forced... FORCED myself to give another free downloads from one
of my masterpieces, not just my masterpieces but one of my favorite albums of all times.
But b4 I share my free DL here's my Wowowee Photo Diaries accompanied by David Family.

Mmm ang sasarap ng nila este yung pagkaing kinain nila.
April "Congrats", Valerie and Mariel.
So this what wowowee is, sexy gurls that shows beautiful butts este beautiful shows!
with Jonaz Madrigal Yuzon
with Alice and Noel
Bacillus Anthracis
 Alex Magbanua
As usual lagi kong katabi si Coki sa former show ni Willie.
Crazy Mix, Yours Truly, Antraxx and G-Who

Willie Sentiments
DJ Emerson / DJ Antraxx / DJ Zandro

Download (Track 1-15)
Released: January 11, 2011
Trimmed by Mark Vincent Labios

I hope you guys like it. Again, thank you for visiting my blog!

Aww! nag blurred pa yung kuha nmin ni Madam Shalani  :(
Photos by Glenn Revilla

Happy Heart's Day!

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