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Mukha Regénese

June 05, 2011 : Dolce Super Club
Regénese (n.1, French for New Birth; Renewal)

Mukha Regénese is a 3-in-1 event:

1. The re Launch of the new Mukha. It has evolved since its conceptualization in
2002 into a web portal for the fashion industry. Mukha is further strengthened
through the use of the Internet to enhance its services.
2. Graduation Fashion show of the students of the recently concluded Mukha
Fashion Summer Modeling Workshop. The names and photos of the
graduates are included in this press kit.
3. Launching of Phoenix Productions’ Wednesdays at Dolce.

Who is Mukha?

Mukha Models and Mukha Fashion are currently products of Agentis I.T., Inc.
( Agentis who’s mission is to narrow the gap of the digital
divide by providing cheap opportunities for MSME companies and Cooperatives to
participate in the World Wide Web.

According to http://www/

“The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals, households, businesses and
geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regard both to their
opportunities to access information and communications technologies (ICTs) and to
their use of the Internet for a wide variety of activities. It includes the imbalance both
in physical access to technology and the resources and skills needed to effectively
participate as a digital citizen. Knowledge divide reflects the access of various social
groupings to information and knowledge, typically gender, income, race, and by
location. The term global digital divide refers to differences in access between
countries in regards to the internet and its means of information flow. Digital Divide
is the disadvantage given to the poor in gaining opportunities because of their lack
of knowledge. “
Agentis is focusing to narrow the gap of the digital divide in the accounting/finance
and internet services.

Aside from Mukha, Agentis’ other products include and

Currently Mukha has in its pool around 2,000 in its Yahoo group and 5,000 in
Facebook. These are models and talents of all ages, size, looks and specializations
both aspiring and professional.

Mukha is broken into two focus teams:

. (, an e-modelling and talents
management is one of the leading model and talent agencies in the Philippines.
Mukha Models is engaged in projects for commercials, print and fashion.
Mukha Models specialize in new faces.

The Mukha Models Team are composed of Rizz Bayot, Cher Tanchinco,
Benny Cababat, John Sangalang and Mia Rosella.

Mukha Models utilizes Information Technology and the Internet Web space
to support its operations. It does so by minimizing the need for models to go to
Castings/Go-See's where there chances of getting chosen are slim. On the
client side, Models photos will be sent by Mukha Models for pre-screening
prior to actual Go-See so when the Model gets to the client they know that
they fit the peg the client is looking for, equating to a smaller crowd of Models
going to the client, saving time and effort.

Mukha Models is an innovative modelling agency set to shake up the fashion
industry with its own brand of style and class. Its uniqueness has already
attracted attention both in the modelling industry and with aspiring Models.

Mukha Models is not targeting just the requirements of the local market but
also that of the growing international demand for Asian Faces. Mukha is also
not limiting its choice to the usual mestiza beauty, but is also actively
promoting the first-rate Filipina-Morena Beauty.

Mukha Models has also developed a presence outside the Philippines to
capture a piece of the action in the international modelling market and has
several offers of partnerships from foreign modelling agencies as well as
applications from foreign models.

Mukha Models has the distinction of still the only modelling agency in the
Philippines to have sent models to the Miss FTV search aboard the F-Diamond
Yacht. Mukha Models also supports visits of FTV and Fashion|One Fashion
Channels in Manila since 2008.

(, a web portal for the fashion
industry. It is for people with “Passion for Fashion”. It is where people can
exchange ideas, opportunities, products and services related to Styles, Fashion,
Modelling, Events, Parties and Photography.
The Mukha Fashion Team is composed of Buddy Castro, Jenny Mahinay,
Jorelle Dionisio, Catherine Kiok Lay, Monica Babcock and Miki Kierulf.

Launched January 1, 2011, at its infancy of 6 months it has already organized
the following:

o Dozens of model and talent castings.
o Monthly setcard/compcards Photo Shoots.
o Sponsors of different modelling search by providing internet
promotions and a 1 year contract to the winners. For their promotion,
setcard shoot, training and guidance.
o Mukha Fashion Summer Modelling Workshop
o The Mukha Regénese Event.
In its sleeves it is organizing more parties and events nationwide.

Do you want to put up your own Mukha?

Mukha is aiming to promote its advocacy of professionalizing the Philippine
Modelling Industry by encouraging groups who want to put up their own Models and
Talents Management Business entity to adapt our system. Mukha is willing to share
its knowledge on how to put up and run a professional agency all for a minimal
monthly retainer fee for a fixed period of time.

Mukha is even willing to share its name for groups who will show potential for
professionalism for a minimal royalty commission.

Mukha wants to spread the fruits of the fashion industry not only to key cities but
nationwide by accepting applications from groups who want to put up their own
Mukha Fashion and Mukha Models in their own province or municipality. This will
benefit the now hurting garments industry which could create more jobs if ever
awareness to indigenous fashion increases at their locals. Mukha will screen potential
candidate groups thoroughly to ensure maintaining the professionalism required of a
Models and Talent Agency. Interested groups may email to their intent to be a Mukha partner at their local.

History of Mukha

Mukha was initially conceptualized in 2002 by Tim Fischer (Photographer and then
President of a Multinational Company) and Ricky Herrera (ICT Professional and
Entrepreneur) as a web portal for the Philippines Fashion industry under There aim was to simply introduce the web to the
Philippines Fashion industry. They assumed the Philippine Fashion Industry was
following the same system with other countries where a Model-Agency system was in
place and proceeded to invite models and agencies to join their web portal. This is
known in IT terms as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. They realized quickly that
most of the models do not belong to any agencies which prompted them to change
directions and set up a modelling agency for the moment and delay the web portal.
Thus Mukha Models International, Inc. was born in June 12, 2004.

The initial years of Mukha made them experience the mess of the Philippine
Modelling Industry. Aside from the Agency-Model system as we all assume is the
standard, there is a parallel freelance system running when casting for models and
talents. The freelance system utilizes the SMS or “txt” messaging to broadcast
castings/go-sees which freelance agents got hold off and broadcast to all freelance
models and talents in their cellphone’s address book. Which freelance agent who has
rights to the 30% commissions of the talent for the project will be based on the
earliest time is recorded on the cellphone inbox of the model. It is a neat and simple
system, although I am just curious why the freelance agent still cuts 30% commission
when their operating expense is just a “txt” and maybe transportation expense to the
casting and project venue. They do not pay for office space, trainings, promotions etc.
which is needed in maintaining models. Clients on the other hand saw this as an
opportunity to lower the Talent Fees since there are more takers since Operating
expense is low. 
It looked promising for the Fashion and Talents Industry since prices and expenses
are going down. But expectedly quality will also go down, particularly in the
professionalism of the models and talents. With no agency guiding them about time
management and improving their craft, the prestige of a Model has lost its glitter. The
Philippines has not produced a true to form “Super Model” in the Philippine
Modelling Setting. We just hope one of ours will win the Ford modelling contest so
we can have a Super Model…in New York. How would you expect a model afford to
maintain a lifestyle of a Super Model when talent fees have gone down? It is not even
enough to pay for clothes and makeup suitable of a Super Model. Anyone who can be
included in the phone book of a freelance agent and get a project can consider
themselves Professional Models. It does not matter if they do not come on time, or
would not fulfil a project because her boyfriend wants to be with her that day. It is not
even expected for a model to know how to walk the ramp or even put on their
makeup. They even do not know what a model bag, a set card or a portfolio is. 
To try to adjust to this mess, Mukha again changed directions by evolving from a
Modelling agency to the first and only modelling Agency in the Philippines if not
the world. Instead of using text, it uses the Internet. For models, they lessen their travel
expenses because they know the peg. For the client, instead of dozens of models
going to their casting where majority is no where near their peg, they are now able to
prescreen online. For the industry, Mukha in its own way is teaching these aspiring
models how to be professional. Although it is a head ache, Mukha tries to answer
questions of aspiring models on the know how in modelling.

The past years, the Philippine Modelling Industry was again hurt by another trend, the
fly-in’s or more popularly known Brazilian Models. Our colonial mentality accepted
them with open arms downgrading again the status of the Philippines Modelling
Market. How you may ask? Since this fly-ins are coming in with tourist visas and not
on standard 70% cut but on allowance since the agency that brought them here are
paying for their transportation, board, lodging and allowance. The agency that
smuggled them needs to recover their expenses during their 3 to 6 months stay in
Manila therefore they dropped their prices to as low as PhP 5,000. A Brazilian for
PhP 5,000, how much would you pay for a mestiza, also PhP 5,000 and for a pure
Filipino PhP 3,500 or less? From cheap the talent fee has gone down to small change. 
With this talent fee rates, what agency can invest in developing a Super Model? What
model can maintain a Super Model Lifestyle? What industry can expect
professionalism from the people within it?

Thus, a Modelling Agency to just focus on Models Management would not survive
that is why the number of Modelling Agencies in the Philippines is half its number
was 5 years ago. Mukha as with other agencies needs to be creative and innovative.
In the current hardships being experienced by the Philippine Modelling Industry,
Mukha’s goal is to bring back the prestige of the Filipino Model in spite of the
current hardships of the Philippine Modelling Industry. Mukha will continue to
promote professionalism to Models and Talents.

Mukha has gone full circle from its conceptualization in 2002, in 2011it is now back
to where it was envisioned to be, as a web portal for the Philippine Fashion Industry.
Only this time it has a purpose, which is to professionalize the Philippine Modelling
Industry - Mukha Regénese.

©Alex Richard Herrera – President, Agentis I.T., Inc.
Happy Viewing!

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