Monday, August 22, 2011

Ms Resorts World Manila 2011 Media Presentation

The rehearsal of 30 candidates.

The beautiful Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International 2010, Barbie Salvador, hosted the event.
Monica Rae M. Limlengco
Jenny C. Panganiban
 Jinky V. Serrano
The candidates entranced in their swimsuits and introduced themselves one by one.
I love Princess Lieza N. Manzon
One of my favorites, Lordalyn H. Andrin
Candidates 1-7
Candidate #1 – Margo Katherine Midwinter
Candidate #2 – Princess Lieza Manzon
Candidate #3 – Cara Massiel Marie Rodriguez
Candidate #4 – Pamela Sue Nieva
Candidate #5 – Ann Goldie Laconsay
Candidate #6 – Joanna Sami Buquing
Candidate #7 – Kriza Charisse Argana
I love watching beauty pageants, especially swimsuit competition. LOL

Whewww! So so hot!!!
#29 Jinky V. Serrano
#26 Rosalyn P. Clavano
#8 Ladylyn Riva is also one of my favorites. She's one of the finalists of the Best in Swimsuit category.
I love you #25 Angelie Twigg
I love you #09 Lordalyn H. Andrin.
I also love you #23 Jenny C. Panganiban.
...and to you #13 Christine Paula Love R. Bernasor.
...and to you #20 Raquel R. Gabriel
#19Angela Luz V. Abualatta, #18 Pauleen Turdanes Conde, #20 Raquel R. Gabriel
#16 Aina P. Tachiyama, #22 Sabrina Jane C. Watts, #17 Princess Angela B. Abella ( DARLING OF THE PRESS WINNER)
#21 Liezl M. Verses, and #24 Jo Ann D. Peria I love you all!!!
Photos courtesy of the pageant RWM's Media Kit
Finally, candidates #23 Jenny Panganiban, #8 Ladylyn Riva, #12 Monica Rae Limlengco, #25 Angelie Twigg, and #5 Ann Goldie Laconsay were chosen. Winner will be announced during the coronation night.
Excess shots:

A former Wowowee dancer Joanna Sami Buquing and friends
With Honeylyn and Jenny
Liezl M. Verses
Christine and Rosalyn
Monica Rae M. Limlengco
Raquel R. Gabriel
Sabrina Jane C. Watts
With Muriel and Je-Ann
 Tati Fortuna - Managing Director/ Scribble Works Prods.Inc.

The coronation night for will be held on August 27 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

To vote for you for your favorite candidate, go to
Among the candidates, one lucky lady will be named the People’s Choice, through online voting at Facebook from Aug. 15 to Aug. 26.
For more exciting events at Resorts World Manila, call the RWM Tourist Hotline at 8366333 or visit
Happy Viewing!

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