Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kahit May Mahal Ka Ng Iba - Mark Bautista feat. Jos Garcia

Single cut preview from OPM Sentiments 18, Thanks DJ Zandro for the
music I really like the melody, whooahh the video was so amazing
Sam Pinto was there, I start-up with cold 32-32 clean intros, the beat
was taken from DJ traxx's beat banks library from my drive. As usual I
used Flange-wah's Emerzex' fx to feel the deep of music depends on the
emotion of the singer. To complete the mix I mash-up's "Ikaw lang ang
iibigin" by Jos Garcia at the 3rd chorus, Hehehe mabibitin kyo sa
pagkanta ni Mark sa... Iibigin ko'y...iibigin ko'y (Simple cut with
panning reverve with flange-wah fx then echo cut)

Ikaw lang ang iibigin by Jos Garcia - I used chorus only totally slow
flange, I sampled 2nd intro with high pitch bend flange-wah radio fx.

Traxx slow beat
Loop of 88 beat (Parametric)
No wind and cricket fx
Slow beat (Underground and distorted beat applied 2:57 & 5:22 secs)

Additional information:
The ending of Kahit may mahal ka ng iba was done at DJ Frenzy's house,
kung ano mangyayari sa dulo, is it wah effect, shut-off or
sampled then zip? so catch out just play and hear.

Outro: 32-32 Cold then Zip

Finalized and Trimmed by DJ Frenzy again, he remove my scratching fx.
I admit the mix was very simple kc dami n nmang tinanggal ni DJ Frenzy d2.
DJ frenzy removed (Aa-yee, Edit by Janet Jackson, 1-2-3-4 count and break!)
according to DJ Frenzy, this is OPM Sentiments so why do we use effects like
that then put scratching what a weird mix, so better watch-out our mix. Pati
bedroom voice kong "DJ Emerson" tinanggal na rin nya kc pampagulo din daw.

PS. I'll post my full scratching fx of Kahit my mahal ka ng iba  later.
Total Remix Running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Remix time: 30 minutes
Forums and removal of effects: 45 minutes (DJ Frenzy's Crib)

Happy Downloading!

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