Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An open Heart tells all

Heart Evangelista has decided to tell her side of the story, after being the subject of false and
malicious accusations stemming from a conflict with Temptation Island co-star Marian Rivera.

The conflict between the two actressses stemmed from a verbal attack by Marian on Heart after the latter
innocently expressed her excitement at working with actor Dingdong Dantes in a row soap opera.

According to Heart, Marian verbally abused and threatened her in her room.

"She confronted me twice in my hotel room. Nagulat po ako na galit na galit siya, at sinisigawan ako.
I started to cry. " Heart Lamented.

After the movie shoot, Heart was fetched from the airport's arrival area by her mother.

I'm with Heart's sister named Camille.

With her sweet Mom.

Heart and my reporter friend Glenn Revilla.

With Heart's cousins and sister Camille.
Heart's recent TV works include lead roles for "Dwarfina'" and "Langit Sa Piling Mo" which were both 
certifed top-raters, having beaten their head-to-head counterparts from other TV stations. She also
participated in last year's "Puso Ng Pasko: Artista Challenge."

A couple of years she won a FAMAS Best Actress trophy for her portrayal of the character
Ayeng in the indie movie, "Ay, Ayeng". She appeared in "Mano Po 6" where she won the Best
Supporting Actress Award from the Manila Film-festival and "Nobody But Juan" in 2009.

Fiestang-Fiesta talaga! Naku Heart sana makabalik ulet me dyan sa restaurant nyo ng 
makalafang ulet ng Crispy Pata at Kare-Kare! TY.

Happy Reading!

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