Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bb Antipolo 2011

"Mr. and Ms. Antipolo 2011"
The search for the fairest lady and handsome prince of Antipolo culminates the Festival of Ang Tipulo which brings the people of the Marian devoted city to the plaza to celebrate the annual Santacruzan and pageant into lively airy atmosphere,although as the rain pours and technical difficulties encountered the show must go on thanks to the people behind the scene because they handled gracefully all the stressed and problems the contestant and officials encountered. It was a blessing's in disguise because the longer the pageant takes the people of Antipolo are eager to wait for the winner to emerge,as the tourism secretary Norberto Mendoza said earlier "This pageants will showcased  the best  of  Antipolo to the world  as we are known to be hospi- table and famous of our delicacy such as casuy and native kakanin,now the whole world will know that we are truly blessed with beauty,grace and elegance as our men and women competes for the crown of Bb. and Mr. Antipolo 2011". This year winner of Bb.Antipolo is Ms.Abbygale Monderin from Brgy.Mambugan and Mr.Antipolo is Mr.Gio Cabanlit from Brgy.Santos who also won Mr. Congeniality. Among the famous judges who graces the occasion is no other than the former Bb.Pilipinas Jennifer Abarrientos,Starstruck Avenger Ian Batterson and model John James Uy. The whole pageant was supported by the Mayor's wife Atty.Menchie Leyble and Vice mayor Susan G.Say also spotted at the pageant was the honorable Congressman Acop. It was a marvelous event of glamour,fashion and class whom reminded the people of Antipolo a place where they will be proud to tell the world that the place is where they belong and be home. Congratulations to the secretary of tourism Norberto Mendoza for a very successful event that your staff gives to the people of Antipolo City, your truly one of the best!.
                                                                                                                                      - Glenn Revilla
Ms.Abbygale Monderin - Bb. Antipolo 2011
At The Backstage:
 Sandwich's shot from Erica Teves, Tonie Tolentino and Abbygale Monderin
Credits to Tonie Tolentino
Credits to Angela Cadarao
Swimsuit Photoshoot
Credits to Angela Cadarao
Former Bb Sining at Kultura 2009 and Bb. Antipolo 2009
One of the Performers The Antipolo Dance Group
At The Front Stage
Miss Abbygale Monderin and Mr.Gio Cabanlit
(Grand Prize)

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